Garlic, Chestnut & Almond Carbonara

Recipe serves 6.



3 cloves roasted garlic

100g chestnuts

50g almonds (soaked)

quarter tsp nutmeg

1 tsp dried sage

half tsp salt

quarter tsp pepper

200ml dairy-free milk (I used soya)

400 to 500g spaghetti (I used wholewheat)

10 small chestnut mushrooms (or 4 big ones)

extra almonds

rocket salad


Roast your garlic, by covering with tin foil and placing into an oven at 200 degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes.

Once you garlic is roasted, remove the skin and place the garlic into a blender alongside all of the other sauce ingredients.

Blend until completely smooth.

Place a large pan of salted boiling water over a high heat.

When bubbling, add your pasta and cook to packet instructions.

While your pasta cooks, sauté your mushrooms in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt for 5 to 10 minutes until golden.

Once your pasta is cooked, place it into the mushroom pan along with the sauce and stir over a medium heat until warmed through!

Serve with extra chopped almonds and rocket on top! Enjoy! x