Broccoli Shortcrust Pastry

This amount of pastry usually fits a 9" by 9" tart tin with leftover pastry for decoration.

It could easily be used for smaller tart tins also.


1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup finely chopped broccoli (I used my food processor to bring to a rice like consistency, only using the florets)

3 quarters of a cup of coconut oil (preferably orderless and at a scoop-able room temperature)

1-4 tbsp ice cold water

1 tsp salt


Add your flour, salt and broccoli into a large mixing bowl and mix together using a fork or whisk.

Add in the coconut oil, a spoonful a time, and use a pastry cutter or fork to combine the two together, until it looks similar to wet sand.

(You can also use your hands to pinch the mixture together, but be careful not to melt the coconut oil.)

Once all of your coconut oil has been added, start to bring the mixture into a dough using your hands gently kneading.

(If too dry, add 1 tbsp of your water at a time until a dough is formed in the bowl.)

At this point my dough is usually slightly melted, so I would recommend to refrigerate for 15 minutes so its easier to work with.

After your dough has been in the fridge it should be easily malleable.

If not, let it sit out for a couple of minutes.

Roll your dough on a sheet of baking paper using a wooden pin until about 4 to 5cm thick.

Line your tin with baking paper on the bottom and tip the pastry over the tin, gently pushing it into the gaps.

Definitely leave an overhang with the pasty as shrinkage is guaranteed.

After the pastry is cooked and cooled for 10 minutes, it is easy to trim.

Use this for any tart at all that calls for shortcrust pastry! Works fantastic with all my recipes on this blog, enjoy! x