Hello and welcome to our community! 


We’re Cara (23) and Brendan (24) and this is our plant-based

blog focused on seasonal, delicious and low food waste recipes! 


We have three set goals for this blog, to prove that…


1. Plant-based food can be delicious and accessible for everyone!

2. You really don’t need to throw much, if any food into the bin.

You see that half a tin of leftover coconut milk or chickpea water

in the fridge that’s got you stumped with how to use it up…

we have the perfect recipe for just that!

3. To inspire YOU with creative and innovative ways of cooking

that you’ve never thought to try, until now.


And we want to do all of this in a positive and uplifting space! We strongly believe that all you can do is try your best, and we simply want to give you

the tools to make positive changes without pressure! Our goal is to inspire positive impact, not force it. To help you feel good about the food you eat

in every aspect.

Just a small back story for you;


We are a couple who met at university in Leeds (England), both studying Graphic Arts and Design for three years.


After graduating, Cara who has always had a passion for vegan cooking

and baking was taking on vegan cake commissions part-time for cafes and

shops around Leeds while Brendan was working in a kitchen.


An opportunity arose for us to manage an airbnb in Carlisle, Cara’s home town.

So we left the city to live in the more rural sights of Cumbria, and whilst we’ve been here we had a bit too much spare time on our hands! Hence where we are now; creating recipes, taking photographs and writing this blog for all of you wonderful people!